White chocolate ganache infused with fresh lemon & blended with New Zealand Limoncello.


Rum & Raisin

Whole raisins soaked in dark rum & blended with a combination of dark & milk chocolate.


Milk Choco & Orange

A milk chocolate ganache blended with fresh orange.

When we think of chocolates, we think of rich creamy delights that we all love. Chocolates truly come into the category of exquisite delights. Chocolates make wonderful gifts!

At Chocobells, we are passionate about creating the finest handcrafted chocolates and packaging them beautifully. They serve as wonderful gifts for your family, friends, business associates or clients in building long-lasting relationships. The feeling of affection and love is precious and we create gifts of chocolate that are unforgettable, lasting and priceless!

We at Chocobells produce the finest handmade chocolates with best quality ingredients.

We offer a full line of assorted chocolates and gift boxes for all special occasions.

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